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This is the Challenge bundle for "The Cherrywood Challenge 2018: Prince."

DUE: JULY 2, 2018

Fat Quarter Bundle
($45 includes a yard of fabric plus registration fee and shipping)


Half Yard Bundle
($60 includes two yards fabric plus registration fee and shipping)

Be inspired by Prince and his music - an iconic musician who lived in Minnesota even though his fame could have taken him anywhere. The Cherrywood studio is just 200 miles from Paisley Park, Prince's home and recording studio. Our challenge is to take inspiration from Prince's music, style, movies, and distinct look to create your own unique quilt using a limited color palette: our gorgeous hand dyed fabric in saturated purples.

We want you to push yourself creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. The contest is open to anyone. All the quilts will be the same color, fabric, size and theme.


• Finished quilt size: 20″ x 20″ square

• The ENTIRE quilt top and binding must be made from Cherrywood Fabric. Backing is your choice of fabric.

• MOST (about 70%)* of the quilt top MUST use the specific PRINCE purples and black provided in the challenge bundle. THE FINISHED QUILT SHOULD “READ” PURPLE-- quilts will not be considered for cash prizes if they do not reflect this simple rule. If you choose to add accent colors, they must be Cherrywood and must not cover more than 30% of the quilt - see goal above! If you add more purples that are not the official purples, it is considered an accent color. White may be a different brand (we do not carry white).

*Realistically the judges cannot possibly measure and calculate exactly how much of each color is used on every entry. Use your judgement on this. When you squint at it, does your quilt look purple? For this challenge, the more official challenge purple you use, the higher your chances of being selected.

• Any technique or fabric manipulation is acceptable as long as it maintains the official challenge color and character of a textile quilt.

• Embellishments may be added, with the exception of glitter, but must stay within the 20-inch size. Please no lace, rickrack, or beading on the outside edge.

• Finished quilt must have a top, a middle, and a backing.

• Maximum thickness: 1 inch. Note that the quilt will be packed and unpacked many times--no delicate items.

• Please DO NOT add a hanging sleeve. It is too hard to pin through all those layers.

• Name, address, e-mail and phone number must be permanently written on the back, lower left corner.

Directions are included in the bundle when purchased-- PLEASE READ carefully.
Do not use song lyrics in your design.
Do not use EXACT copies of images.
The use of the names of the songs or the symbol is fair use and will not disqualify you from the contest. The prince symbol is trademarked; however, the question on trademark infringement (as opposed to copyright infringement) is whether a consumer would mistake the source of the item.
To honor Prince's philanthropic history, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Crossing Arts Alliance and other charities.