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We are getting close to the entry deadline so the bundles are now on sale to encourage those last-minute creatives who work well under pressure!

(you are not required to enter the contest. You can just enjoy the fabric :-) )

We are proud to announce
the collaboration with Bob Ross, Inc. to present our fifth annual Cherrywood Challenge:
Bob Ross

READY TO ENTER? CLICK HERE to double-check the requirements, then scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the form: CherrywoodChallengeEntry.com

JULY 1, 2019

$60.00 includes:
TWO YARDS of Challenge Fabric (this is TWICE as much as our past challenges!)
• Complete rules of the contest
• Registration fee for contest
• shipping of the challenge fabric to you (within the continental USA).

Exciting twist for 2019:

Just as Bob Ross used a limited palette to create his happy little masterpieces,
you will use
EIGHT (and ONLY eight)
colors of hand-dyed fabric to create your quilt!

The official challenge bundle contains various quantities of the colors for a total of 2 yards! There are no rules about how much you use of each of the 8 colors in your entry, but see if you can use them all!

You do NOT have to use Cherrywood for the backing. Use whatever you would like on the back.

Bob used Titanium white for his snowy mountains, highlights, waves, etc. but YOU will have to get creative if you need white. How about white thread quilting stitches? How about white paint, pencil, beads, etc.? Since we do not put restrictions on technique, discharge (bleach) would be allowed.

As always, we want to you BE INSPIRED by Bob Ross to design a unique piece that is personal and fabulous! You do not have to duplicate his work.Click here to order his life story in DVD form.

Anyone incorporating Bob Ross intellectual property (photos, paintings, titles, etc.) into their quilt should include the following in the quilt or label:
"©Bob Ross Inc.® Used with Permission."

DUE DATE: JULY 1, 2019

Here is how it works:
1. Buy the Challenge Bundle (available online and at quilt shows)
2. Make a 20-inch quilt using only the 8 fabrics provided
3. Use any technique and/or embellishment
4. Take a really great photo of it
5. Upload to website on or BEFORE July 1, 2019
6. Wait for the jurors to select the Finalist quilts
7. If chosen, send actual quilt to Cherrywood in Minnesota
8. Wait for jurors to select prize winners and traveling tours
9. Get published in a book, poster, publications, etc. and watch your quilt travel around the world!

NOTE: If you purchase the bundle, that means you are registered. We like to say you have "skin in the game!" so that's your incentive! We collect your information when you upload digital images of the FINISHED ENTRY onto our special website and enter your statistics. The $60 fee does NOT cover the cost of you shipping your quilt to Cherrywood if it is chosen as a finalist. But it DOES cover the cost of returning finalist quilts to their owners at the end of the 18-month travel schedule. Registration fee is non-refundable. Contest is open to all people in any country.