Is it suede? Wool? Flannel? Felt?

Cherrywood is 100% cotton. It just looks like a thicker fabric because of our exclusive dyeing technique that creates a mottled effect. It has also been described as “broken-in.” This is because we wash the fabric in hot water 4 times before it arrives in your hands. It has also been dried in a hot drier and run through a rotary iron, called a mangle, to press it. The base fabric of Cherrywood is a high-quality muslin that is special ordered from China.   

How wide is Cherrywood?

Our pre-shrunk fabric is the standard 44-45" wide. Since we must take shrinkage into consideration, you may find our measurements to be quite generous.   

Can I wash it? How?

Yes, Cherrywood is washable. We highly recommend using a detergent called Synthrapol (Hard to say but easy to use!) This product is a surfactant that suspends any excess dye that has not yet been flushed out in the water. The excess dye will not re-attach to other fibers as long as you add Synthrapol to your wash. Please click here for complete care instructions.

Will it shrink?

No. Our fabric has been washed a minimum of four times and dried in a hot dryer so they are pre-shrunk. Please note that you should pre-wash and shrink other fabrics before combining them with Cherrywood. 

Why does it cost so much?

Dyeing fabric is a labor of love. If you have ever tried to dye fabric you know it is messy, has many variables and is unique almost every time. We use large amounts of Procion dye, and each bucket can vary between orders and the quality. Karla is constantly monitoring and adjusting her formulas to accommodate for these changes to keep the dye lots as consistent as possible. There are many, many steps in the whole dyeing process that starts the day before with pressing and continues through a full day. Every single cut of fabric is run through a mangle (rotary iron), checked for flaws, neatly folded, measured and cut, collated and packaged just for you. It is very labor intensive. 

What forms of payment to you accept?

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Can I buy that color in the middle of a bundle?

We do not name every step within a collection because they are sold as collections. The “Yardage” colors are the colors that we dye and sell as single colors. These are not necessarily the same formulas as the gradation collections. They are carefully chosen to compliment the collections, cover a wide range of hues and values, and appeal to the customer. There are an infinite number of colors on the spectrum, but we have to keep our list manageable. (At last count, Karla maintains close to 300 formulas on the current Color Card.) If you cannot find a color on the Yardage list that will work for you, please call us and we can check our inventory for that certain “step” that you need. An order may be placed with a minimum of 10 yards for a special dye. Please note that we do not like to break up the bundles at quilt shows because we end up with an incomplete collection that we cannot sell. 

I need more fabric. How can I be sure I will get the same dyelot?

The best way to get an exact match is to send a small swatch to us so we can match it up visually. We pride ourselves in creating the most consistent product possible. However, there are many, many variables in the dyeing process that can affect the final outcome. Every dye-lot (consisting of 22 yards) comes out slightly different each time. Buy a little extra if you are unsure of how much you will need. In order to control the suede look on Cherrywood, we dye in two-yard pieces. This means that any amounts larger than 2 yards will be sold as pieces from the same dyelot. Keep in mind that a slight variation in dyelots can often give your finished product a little more twinkle and depth. That is the beauty of hand-dyed fabric! 

Can I take photos in your booth at quilt shows?

We encourage you to photograph the details of an item you have purchased so you can remember details once you start your project. (Often our models look quite a bit different than the picture on the pattern.) We take pride in the way our booth looks and know that many people get inspiration from all our colors and patterns. If you would like to take those memories home for your own personal use and share with friends to show them what they are missing, then be our guest. Just keep in mind that the quilts and garments have been designed by real people with real bills to pay and they make their living by selling patterns to all of us. 

Do you use batting in the jackets and vests I see in your booth?

No, we prefer to use a layer of prewashed muslin instead of batting in our garments. This gives Cherrywood extra body to show off quilting, without getting bulky and lumpy. 

Should I use interfacing on Cherrywood clothing?

Sometimes it is nice to use iron-on woven interfacing to the back of clothing pattern pieces. This gives it a little more body and may help with wrinkling. Follow the manufacture's directions. 

What if I have a problem with a pattern?

We get most of our patterns from designers all over the country. We test-sew a sample to make sure it is well-written and goes together nicely. We have chosen these patterns as tools to sell our fabric. If you have a question about a pattern, it is best to contact the designer directly. The contact information is always inside the pattern. We are responsible for the quality of the fabric we sell, and the pattern designers are responsible for their instructions. Cherrywood does have exclusive designs by Karla Overland and those questions can be directed to us. 

What is your Return Policy?

Dye flaws and fabric flaws may be returned for a full refund or exchange. No exchanges or returns are accepted on Patterns and Sale Items. Fabric may be returned (unwashed) within 90 days from date of purchase and must have original sales receipt. Some items require a restocking fee of 15%. Shipping costs are non-refundable on returns/exchanges.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Nov. 2016 - We are currently testing out a new shipping system on our website. Be assured that we are trying to figure out the best way of handling this that is fair to our customers, but also covers our operational costs.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Cherrywood Fabrics, Inc. has no intention of ever sharing any information that is gathered on our site with any outside organizations. In the unlikely event that would ever change that policy, we will notify you immediately and give you a chance to opt-out of any such information sharing. Images submitted to Cherrywood Fabrics may be shared on social media, such a Facebook and Our Gallery with the permission of the customer. Credit will be given to the artist whenever possible.