First Place - $500 Gift Card and Ribbon

Second Place - $200 Gift Card and Ribbon

Third Place - $100 Gift Card and Ribbon

Fourth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

Fifth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

Honorable Mentions (Judge's Choice, Staff Choice) - Ribbon

Purchase Fabric HERE (includes the Entry Fee)

GOAL of the Challenge:

Our challenge is to take inspiration from Diana, Princess of Wales, to create your own unique quilt using a limited color palette: pink and white.
We encouraged you to push yourself creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. The contest is open to anyone and everyone.

All the quilts are the same color, fabric, size and theme.

In order to take the challenge, you must purchase one of these official bundles:
$50.00 Bundle includes:
• Four GENEROUS Fat Quarters
(total of 1.25 yards)
• Complete rules of the contest
• Entry fee for contest

 - - - - - - - - - or - - - - - -- - - - -

$75.00 Bundle includes:
• Four GENEROUS Half Yards
(total of 2.5 yards)
• Complete rules of the contest
• Entry fee for contest


NEW for this contest: The measurements of the fabrics in the bundle will be GENEROUS for those who want to use one piece for the background of the 20-inch square quilt!

Generous Fat quarter measures 22" x 22" (normally 18" x 22")
Generous Half Yard measures 22" x 44" (normally 18" x 44")

Also NEW:

WHITE! We have finally added the only color we have been missing: white! (We use an unbleached muslin as our base fabric, and now we have a white that has the same feel and thread count.)


Here is how it works:
1. Purchase the Challenge Bundle to get the official colors of PINK and WHITE

2. Make a 20-inch square quilt using the official colors provided

           2a. If you want to use accent colors, they MUST be Cherrywood brand and must only make up approximately 30% of the piece.

           2b. OPTIONAL: An Accent Pack for the contest is available for purchase ($20.00). These are colors that we predict customers will want for eyes, skin and hair, but is NOT mandatory. These four colors are NOT the official challenge colors. The Accent Pack colors should only make up 30% of the quilt or less. From a distance, the quilt should "read" as a PINK and WHITE piece.

          2c. The binding must be Cherrywood. The backing does not.
3. Use any technique and/or embellishment (except glitter)

4. Take a really great photo of the finished piece (clear, straight & cropped please. This important step decides if you get selected or not.)

5. SUBMIT ENTRY on or BEFORE December 31, 2020 11:59 pm CST

6. Wait for the jurors to select the Finalist quilts

7. IF CHOSEN as a Finalist, you will be informed by email. Send the actual quilt to Cherrywood in Minnesota

8. Wait for jurors to select prize winners and traveling tours

9. Get published in a book, poster, publications, etc. and watch your quilt travel around the world!

Please Note:
• If you purchase the bundle online or at a quilt show, that means you have paid the entry fee and are registered. We like to say you have "skin in the game!" so that's your incentive!  When your quilt is FINISHED, we collect your name, address, and digital images on a special website. The jury process is done digitally.

• Purchasing the challenge bundle DOES NOT GUARANTEE that your quilt entry will make it to the Traveling Exhibit. We use a jury process to select a limited number of pieces that will be grouped into exhibits.

• Entry fee DOES NOT cover the cost of you shipping your quilt to Cherrywood if it is chosen as a finalist.

• Entry Fee Is not refundable.


Our calls use online artist submission software called SubmitArts. You will need to create a free account with SubmitArts to submit your work to us. Please submit HERE:

Cherrywood’s use of Diana's name and images do not imply any connection, endorsement or common origin between the art display and the products depicted therein.

The National Law Journal Oct. 16, 2000- "...the court held that there is no violation of the Lanham Act when a celebrity’s name and likeness are not being used as a trademark or endorsement but, rather, simply for the sake of aesthetic appeal...  ...the court found the use of Princess Diana’s name and likeness to be so widespread that their value as a trademark was negligible."