Van Gogh Newsletter

GOAL: Use Vincent van Gogh’s paintings as inspiration to push yourself creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art.


COST: $45.00 Includes registration fee, shipping, return shipping and one fat quarter each of black and three official Cherrywood VAN GOGH blues.

Van Gogh Fabric

Finished quilt size: 20″ x 20″ square

The entire quilt top and binding must be made from Cherrywood Fabric. Backing is your choice of fabric.

Most (about 60-70%) of the quilt top must use the official VAN GOGH blues and black. The quilt should "read" blue. Accent colors of Cherrywood may be added. White may be a different brand (we do not carry white).

Any technique or fabric manipulation is acceptable as long as it maintains the color and character of a textile quilt.

Embellishments may be added, with the exception of glitter, but must stay within the 20-inch size.
Finished quilt must have a top, a middle, and a backing. Maximum thickness: 1 inch. Note that the quilt will be packed and unpacked many times.

No sleeve is required.

Upload three high-quality photos of your quilt. One image should show the entire quilt placed next to ruler or tape measure to confirm the 20″ requirement. The other two images should show details. Quilts are juried into the finalist round based on your photo using a number system. Make sure your photos are as clear as possible! The jury process does not include written or verbal critique.

  • Submit one overall digital image and two detail digital image for each piece of artwork.
  • Digital images must be saved as a high quality JPEG file (No TIFF files).
  • Finished images should be a minimum of 2100 pixels on the longest side.

A special note if using your iPhone to take your photos.
iPhones use the .JPG extension in the default file name (and not .jpg). The rotation information is not fully saved in the .JPG extension when viewed in a browser. (In other words, your image will appear rotated on your computer but then be sideways when viewed after it is uploaded). In order to FULLY save the rotation, use a ‘save as’ command, after rotating the image in your editing software, and change the extension to .jpg. It is not enough to just rename the file, you must change the extension to .jpg when saving it.


Aug. 1, 2017:  Photos must be uploaded to website by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time.
Upload three high-quality photos of your quilt (Photography is a VERY IMPORTANT step in the process so please take the time to get sharp, focused images).  ARE YOU READY TO UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION? CLICK HERE!

Quilts are juried into the finalist round based on your photo using a number system. The jury process does not include written or verbal critique.

Aug. 11:  Announcement of Finalists - notified by email.

Aug. 25:  Finalist quilts must be received by this date.
Cherrywood Fabrics, 7882 College Rd., Baxter, MN 56425
Name, address, e-mail and phone number must be written on the back of the quilt. The Traveling Exhibit will be selected from these quilts based on the curator’s vision.

Sept. 1: Traveling Exhibit and Winners announced

First Place - $700 Gift Card  

Second Place - $200 Gift Card
Third Place - $100 Gift Card

Nov. 1:   Traveling Exhibit debuts
The exhibit will debut at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas. It will travel to quilt shows for at least one year (through 2018).

Non-traveling quilts may be kept by Cherrywood for display in smaller venues. Quilts will be photographed for use by Cherrywood and published in a book. Quilts will be returned to owners after completion of travel. Quilts will be insured by Cherrywood up to $200 while in their care, custody and control. When displayed at shows, quilts are insured by the organizer or venue. Cherrywood reserves the right to disqualify any entry.

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