• Image of The VAN GOGH Bundle
  • Image of The VAN GOGH Bundle
  • Image of The VAN GOGH Bundle
  • Image of The VAN GOGH Bundle
  • Image of The VAN GOGH Bundle

Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s favorite artists for a variety of reasons. Be inspired by his story, his artwork and his strong use of color to create your own masterpiece using our gorgeous hand dyed fabric in saturated blues.

We are proud to announce our third challenge:
The Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge!

Quilts are Due: August 1, 2017

$45 includes registration fee, shipping of fabric, return shipping of quilt, and one fat quarter each of black and three official VAN GOGH blues.

Goal: Use van Gogh’s paintings as inspiration to push yourself creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. You do NOT need to choose a painting and copy it inch for inch. Put a little bit of yourself into it. Take inspiration from WHAT he painted, HOW he painted, WHY he painted, WHERE he painted, etc...

Quilts must measure 20" x 20" and must be square.

The entire quilt top and binding must be made from Cherrywood Fabric. Backing is your choice of any fabric.

Most of (about 60-75%) of the quilt top must use the official VAN GOGH blues and black. The quilt should "read" blue. (We were pushed to list an actual percentage, but please do not get uptight over this number. The challenge is to use as much blue and black as possible.) Accent colors of Cherrywood may be added. White may be a different brand (we do not carry white).

Any technique or fabric manipulation is acceptable as long as it maintains the color and character of a textile quilt (if so much paint is applied that the original color of the fabric is not obvious, it may lead to disqualification). Embellishments may be added, with the exception of glitter, but must stay within the 20-inch size.

Finished quilt must have a top, a middle, and a backing. Maximum thickness: 1 inch. Note that the quilt will be packed and unpacked many times. No sleeve is required.

First Place - $700 Gift Card
Second Place - $200 Gift Card
Third Place - $100 Gift Card

Look for more news to come!

Rules and Instructions included with purchase, including uploading directions.