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You have seen him before. He's the quiet, soft-spoken guy with the fuzzy afro hair, painting mountains and trees with big brushes in a matter of seconds. Bob Ross is public televisions' most beloved personality - here is a behind-the-scenes look at his journey to becoming America's pop-culture icon.

This docu-story reveals the personal like of Bob Ross through the loving eyes of close friends and family, childhood photographs, rare archive footage - what you know: his unwavering dedication to wildlife for example, and what you don't know: Bob Ross' straight hair, his fascination with fast cards, and so much more. You'll see rare film clips of Bob Ross with mentor William Alexander. You'll learn how one little TV commercial advertising local painting classes would slowly turn this gentle-mannered fellow from simple beginnings into a viral phenomenon that continues to allow millions around the world to realize their dream of becoming an artist.

The Man
The Television Artist
His Legacy

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100 minutes
Wide screen
English language